The Case for LinkedIn Ads

When it comes to B2B marketing, the old saying rings true: you get what you pay for.

Most brands spend a substantial chunk of their advertising budget with the current leaders in search and social — Google and Facebook. But B2B marketers are missing out on a huge opportunity to reach their target audience if they’re not taking advantage of LinkedIn ads as well.

While LinkedIn ads can be pricey, the tangible business benefits they bring are worth the cost. Here are just a few reasons B2B marketers should start investing in the platform sooner rather than later:

1. A Business-Centric Audience

LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for professionals, so it makes sense that most users are actively seeking out business-centric content. Whether they’re applying for jobs, updating their professional profiles, or interacting within industry-specific groups, LinkedIn’s 450 million registered members are searching for more than just social interactions with family members and friends. Given the professional nature of the site, LinkedIn users are likely much more receptive to ads geared toward their work-related needs.

2. Targeting Opportunities

Because it gives professionals job opportunities or career advice based on their qualifications and interest groups, LinkedIn has access to a treasure trove of industry-specific data about its members. B2B marketers can leverage this data to create a targeted ad campaign based on location, company name, industry, job title, skills, and many other factors.

Another advantage offered by this platform is the ability to target individual LinkedIn groups, which can help you find and engage with people who are interested in what you’re promoting. To take advantage of this opportunity, be sure to refresh your ad copy regularly. Recycling old copy too frequently can oversaturate and exhaust potential leads.

3. Lead Acceleration

Reaching a highly targeted audience is great, but it’s just as important to focus on the right people who also happen to be in the market for your services. LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator tool helps facilitate lead nurturing so marketers can display their ads to potential customers based on where they are in the buying process — reserving the bulk of their efforts for those who are ready to close the deal.

According to LinkedIn, putting your lead generation efforts on the fast track to success is a five-step process:

  • Identify and target your highest-value audiences.
  • Develop relevant messaging that takes your prospects’ profile details and behavior on the platform into account; spread that messaging across display and social ads, as well as Sponsored Updates.
  • Leverage the platform’s Autofill capability to boost conversion rates.
  • Optimize the creative messaging in your ads through A/B testing (which the platform supports).
  • Measure the impact of your program at every stage in the path to purchase through built-in reporting capabilities.
  • By completing this five-step process, B2B marketers can refine their approach and allocate their ad spend in a way that will get them the most bang for their buck. As Lauren Frye of Bizible explains, “Already, the tool has helped numerous companies across the United States decrease their costs-per-lead and increase their conversion rates by more than 50%.”

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    4. Better Opportunities for Increased ROI

    Advertising on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter may help you reach a large audience, but what really counts is who you’re reaching specifically, and how you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with them once you’re in contact.

    LinkedIn allows you to optimize your efforts, spending time and resources on ads that will not only put you in front of business-minded customers and clients, but will also help you find those who are actively looking for your services. Because you won’t be devoting your budget to marketing efforts that fall short, you’ll be saving money and, in turn, increasing your ROI.

    While LinkedIn provides an arsenal of tools for upping your B2B marketing game, it’s important to track the success of your display ads with established metrics of success , regardless of which platform you choose. Once you have a good idea of who you’re targeting and what kind of content resonates with that specific audience, you’re ready to reap the benefits of LinkedIn ads.