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The Honest Company: A Disconnect Between Advertising and Their Actions

Actress Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company is a household consumer products company that positions itself as a beacon of transparency and truthfulness to parents of young children.

Their promise to only sell eco-friendly, chemical free products has catalyzed their growth in the premium consumer goods space. They go so far as to advertise a “forbidden list” of products and ingredients they will never use.

Despite their claims, the Wall Street Journal discovered , in a study, that they were indeed using some of the products from their “forbidden list” in their laundry detergent; a claim Jessica Alba vehemently denied . In addition, the company has faced a number of class-action lawsuits which claimed they misled the public.

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In this video, Barry Chandler discusses the disconnect between The Honest Company’s advertising and their actions; between the story told and the story lived. What can we learn from their mistakes?

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