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THE Marketing Tip to Help Position Your Advice Business

Today I’d like to share THE marketing tip to help position your advice business.

It’s something I’ve shared with you before but not sure if you are one of the firms who has implemented it yet.

If you want your business to be remembered, understood and referred then this simple marketing idea will help you get more of the ideal clients; those who appreciate the value of advice and the fees associated with it.

I’d like you to forget about the fact that you can offer anyone advice about any situation and I’d like you to focus on somebody and something.

I appreciate that you and your team might be able to offer advice to any fee-paying client, but if you take that approach, you will simply be forgotten, not appropriately understood and limit your ability to gain any new client introductions.

In marketing, you cannot position yourself as an expert in everything because no-one will believe you. Clients pay for expertise because they see it as valuable. You rock up and position yourself as the advice firm that can help just about anyone and you sadly won’t get the kudos you wish for.

When you can articulate someone’s problem better than they can, you have a higher chance of them trusting you and converting them. Could you really do that for all the different client groups out there?


3 Step Practical team exercise

  • Write down who your somebody is that you can help.
  • Then write down what their problem is; how does it make them feel and so forth.
  • Then write down how you can help them.

  • Once you have completed that, the next step is to look at how you package your message up and where you hang out so that you get heard.

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    Positioning your advice business for success shouldn’t be complicated, only consulting firms and agencies who want to make a massive profit out of you will complicate the matter.

    Take your time, get it right and then sing from the rafters if you wish to!