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The Secret to Prospecting for Female Clients

For some time now, we have been actively blogging on IRIS every two weeks on topics we believe are of interest and/or would be of benefit to you our readers.

Many of our blogs have covered the differences between how men and women relate to money. Others have outlined best practices for advisors wishing to connect with female clients. Yet others simply reinforced the importance of the emergence of women as a financial powerhouse, not to be ignored.

In our blogs we try to reflect your needs and concerns so last summer, due to popular request, we published a three part series on the fundamentals of prospecting for women. But clearly prospecting is important to many of you and given the level of continued interest, we think we can do more.

“Learn how to Find, Keep and Grow Female Clients” – that is the tag line on our website and that is what we are committed to – helping, mostly male financial advisors, grow and build their practice through female clients.

We are currently working on a new course “Prospecting for Women.” We would like to share “what the secrets are to prospecting for female clients” but it has been our experience that each of you has different needs – we want to make sure this course resonates with those who actively follow us.

We’d like to hear from YOU!

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Current StrategyMarketing.ca courses: Retaining Female Clients , followed by our ConnectWell Series: How Women Make Financial Decisions , How to Evaluate the Risk of Female Clients Leaving You and 4 Steps to Succeeding with Female Clients.