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Want to Write a Blog? Here's Where to Start

For more than three years now I've been actively blogging.

I'm not always filled with creative thoughts. I'm not always inspired by a particular topic. I sometimes want to loaf around and put my head in the sand...but the desire to write is always there. It never leaves my soul.


  • If you feel this drawn to write; then you should write.
  • If you do NOT feel this drawn to write; then you should not write or go hire a ghost writer.
  • That's really how simple it is - I'm not kidding.


    I write because I love to write, but I don't always write about all the things I want to tell you. Rather, I write about the questions I receive from one financial service professional and consider the likelihood another would like to have this answered too. So in essence, I'm always writing about you and for you. I balance this with my #FridayReads column where I write about a book I read that week (and yes, I read 52 books per year - I get that question a lot too!)

    The easiest thing is for you to start with your top 10 questions. That's right. Figure out what the top 10 things people ask you about in your practice, then write about them. These questions might seem completely lame to you, but to those who don't know your practice, they will be helpful.

    This is also the easiest way for you to get started writing and figure out if you want to keepwriting too. If you like it, then keep going. If not, you have ten pieces of content to use without spending a ton of time and money. Not too much investment, right?

    Also - don't go out and make an announcement that you're blogging...yet. Get through these ten questions and after you've experienced how much time it takes, whether or not you actually enjoyed it (some people like the idea of something but not the experience: example, I like the idea of being thin, but when I go to the gym every day - I don't like the experience of it), and do you have the tenacity to commit to a blog article: daily, weekly, or monthly?


    Blogging requires consistency. If you decide to go, you need to pick how often you'll do this and once a year is not a consideration! (Nice try though!) If you want blogging to happen and you don't like doing it all, then solicit others in your practice to help - but the same rules apply to them. They must get through ten of their own questions and assess if they can commit to keeping a company blog going. Then, they must decide how much they are willing to contribute to the blogging cause.