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What Will It Take to Thrive in a Changing Environment?

Sherise Mercer is the Division Director, Head of Macquarie Virtual Adviser Network at Macquarie Group, and today shares the insights from the recent Macquarie Accounting and Financial Services benchmarking report, “What will it take to thrive in a changing environment?” This report is based on an in-depth survey of 396 financial advice firms and uncovers the ways successful advice firms capitalize on the opportunities created changing market.Related: Strong Words to Use to Let Your Clients Know How Your Business Operates

In This Episode You’ll Learn More About:

(1:34) – The Purpose of the Macquarie Accounting and Financial Services Benchmarking Report(2:40) – What Makes High Performers Different(5:06) – Where High Performing Firms Referrals are Coming From(7:30) – How Successful Firms are Reaching out to Broader Markets(9:30) – Coaching and Education as a Service for Financial Advice Firms(10:53) – Profiling a Different Advisor to Attract Younger Clients(12:10) – Five Tips for Remaining Relevant and Profitable Moving Forward

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