What's Your Reputation Number?

I live in Missouri. I grew up here and I plan to stay put. However – my business is all over the country and yet, everyone seems to think financial services has such a wonderful reputation no matter where they are and I am here to tell you that’s an ‘alternative fact’ and there’s a way to put the theory to test through an algorithm.

Go to Reputation.com and find out your number

I’ll wait because…. the ‘Average Reputation Score for Financial services in Missouri’ was 277. We didn’t even make it to “Fair”. That’s still in the “Poor” category. Yeesh!This tool is used by brands you recognize such as Target, US Bank, GM and it helps them learn where they stand in the eyes of their consumers. Where did you stand? Send it to me in a Tweetable by clicking here.

Reputation Management – it’s a real need in Financial Services

I have written in the past about Reputation Perception and managing you and your brand’s reputationis imperative to rooting yourself toward more business and being thought of us an innovator, a disruptor, a true leader in your work. It’s why we are completely devastated to hear immoral findings about those who we felt were ‘good people’. Poor reputation managementcan ruin individuals in a matter of months, weeks, days, and even minutes – depending on the news released.Related: If You Build It (Right)…They Will Come

Take Control – what is your plan of action?

Online reputation management for larger brands will probably need to hire a company like Rita Cheng’s at Blue Ocean Global Technology. (She has no idea I wrote this much less mentioned her, so FYI – I didn’t get paid to say any of this. I’m just sharing that she and her team do a good job, so consider them for this if you hire outside!)Any action plan should be addressing items such as:
  • What kind of information does your firm share? And where?
  • How transparent are you really? (The answer should always be VERY.)
  • Do you pay attention to what people say about you and your brand?
  • Be prepared for if/when something goes wrong. (Proative vs. Reactive – its always best!)
  • Look at the privacy settings on your social and online accounts. They matter.
  • Does everyone on your team present themselves online as your business? If so – many compliance requirements say use the company email address.
  • Are you and/or your employees short with people in chatting? If so – they might not be best suited for online conversations.
  • What training have you and your employees gone through for social media management?
  • This is just the short list of considerations, but will get the conversation going in your office. BE A PERSON OF ACTION: Take the Reputation Test and know your number. Then, start a Reputation Management Review today. Schedule it on your calendar. If you find you need help – let’s talk. I could help you get through this in a matter of a few hours with the right people on the phone. The online world is not going away – so manage it proactively and build a strong reputation from the start!