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Where Should You Focus Your Energy to Reach Your Biggest Goals?

Every now and then, a good question stops me in my tracks. It’s usually innocent, but causes me to question why I’m doing what I’m doing, where I’m going or – more often – why I’m stuck.

In the work we do with advisors, it’s often the questions we ask that uncovers what’s holding them back from the goals they say they want to achieve or if, in fact, they’re sabotaging those goals. Those questions can also uncover where you feel stuck and where you need to focus to move forward – and that’s a little different for everyone.

The problem, of course, is that I can’t call each of you and ask those questions. So today I’m excited to share a free assessment tool – hot off the press – to help get laser focused on if and where you need to change on the path to a business that is not only growing, but profoundly fulfilling.

The Power of Taking Stock

Like you, my goal is to help my clients get intentional about designing a bigger future, one that’s a true reflection of a compelling personal vision. And, like you, I’ve done the research on exactly how to do that.

We define this as the pursuit of Absolute Engagement, which incorporates five distinct steps and draws on research among an elite group of advisors who have succeeded in doing just that.

But it’s not enough to know where you’re trying to go; you need to understand where you are today . It’s not enough to have a vision; you need to hold a mirror up and examine where you ‘get in your own way’.

For example, some advisors find it hard to articulate a vision for next phase of a business that’s already successful; they’re unclear on what they really want at this stage. Others are very clear on the vision, but less so on how to bring that to life through an engaging client experience.

Your Absolute Engagement Assessment

Today’s post will be uncharacteristically brief. Instead of taking the time to read, I want to ask you to give yourself a little gift. That gift involves taking 8-10 minutes to complete a self-assessment that will help you pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your energy, right now, to drive real momentum.

The Absolute Engagement Assessment is designed to evaluate where you are today and to give you a place to start as you think about what extraordinary looks like for you, your clients and your team.

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On the basis of the assessment you’ll receive an overall Absolute Engagement Score . And that’s nice but it’s just the start. If you’d like to receive a Personalized Action Plan , based on your results, you can request that at the end of the assessment. It will provide a more detailed breakdown of your results and offer specific ideas and resources to move forward based on your specific challenges.

So give yourself the gift of clarity, pour a coffee and take a few minutes to complete the assessment. It will get you thinking about why and how to pull yourself out of your comfort zone and shoot for something bigger or better.