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Why It's Time to Reinvent Your Financial Practice

She built a successful financial practice but today everything seems to be sucking energy from her, draining her, making it harder and harder to get up in the morning, harder and harder to inspire new business.

She planned for this phase of her life. 3 years ago, she incorporated a team as her succession plan but she is not yet ready to let go . She loves her business, it has been her source of purpose for most of her adult life and while money is not her primary motivator she gets paid well to do meaningful work, but she is tired. Somewhere along the way she has lost that drive, that energy that once fueled her daily motivation.

In our first introductory call she shared her conundrum, “I could retire and get more involved in doing volunteer work but it’s hard to think of anything that would give me more purpose and sense of value than to continue helping others achieve their lifelong goals”. Yet, her daily routine had become less than inspiring. After 30 years working with clients was she just to walk away? This business was part of her life and she wanted to be sure that what she accomplished would continue to fulfill her and leave a footprint.

I coach many women who survived the early days of being the token female advisor in a sea of men. They spent their younger years adapting to a male oriented business model that felt more like work. For the most part they kept their heads down and stayed below the radar until their production earned them a modicum of respect and appreciation.

They made it, but now what?

Many of these pioneer women feel they have lost their mojo. It’s not that they don’t love what they do it’s just that what they love has been buried beneath the avalanche of daily activity that does little to inspire her. She remembers the days when she was energized, passionate about her work and on fire. Every day was a promising challenge that earned her respect and appreciation from all her clients. So why wasn’t that enough today?

Who you are and where you are today is totally different than when you started building your business. Today you place greater value on your time, energy and value. You can now be more selective about what you do and who you do it for. Your success has earned you the ability to reinvent yourself. The years have filled you with a different source of desire and motivation, it’s no longer about competition and achieving financial goals, today it’s about achieving your purpose, elevating your passion and redesigning your business in a way that capitalizes on your strengths and experience as a woman.

IT’s not about looking back wondering what you lost and when, it’s about looking forward and embracing the opportunity to reinvent yourself and your practice in a way that is totally authentic, boldly inspiring and wildly motivating.