Why Revising Your Website Could Be The Key To Your Success

Have you ever seen a car that was a few years old? I’m sure you have. But, have you ever compared an older car to the brand new floor model? If you have you know how the “same features” can look completely different. Sure you may have the same features on your older website, but we are here to tell you that it may not be converting as well as you’d like it to. Just like cars, websites have a resale value as well—and this is a big make-or-break point in customers purchasing from your online site.

Are you up-to-date?

If you aren’t getting the traction or the conversion you want, chances are your website may need some tweaks. Design is one of the single biggest factors in getting customers attracted to your work. Have great content? Wonderful. Does your page look like you spent about twenty minutes on it, and have lackluster design? If so, it’s more than likely that your content won’t get read no matter how good it is. Just like in every other aspect of life, people go with appearances they like—they aren’t the only factor of consideration, but they can play an important role in decision-making.

It’s all about testing

Your website is a central office for your business , the more customers you get ‘through the door’ the more chances you have of getting conversions. A 1% increase in traffic could pay huge dividends in terms of thousands of dollars in increased sales each month for your company. Sometimes, it’s as simple as putting a security verification symbol at your checkout page, or adding a different opt-in button. Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t getting the kind of traffic you want, it never hurts to do some testing. Test the limit of your website and see what people like or don’t like about it. Try making small minor changes and gradually add up to a larger website reboot over time.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to do a complete site overhaul. Other times, it’s extraordinarily easy to get major spikes in traffic just by redoing your website.

As content creators and designers, we realize how difficult it is to get this type of work completed. However, we also see the benefits of this for our customers on a daily basis. We work closely with entrepreneurs and website owners every day who can attest to the life-changing effects of having a good website.

But good looks aren’t the only thing that are working for good websites, new features that are familiar on your competitors updated websites may make your older site look outdated. This is definitely a real concern that we need to keep in mind as new themes and design styles increase in popularity. Showing your customers that you can stay up with the times is a great way of showing them that you care and value market trends.

Sometimes the best strategy is a new strategy

Revamping your site is an exciting time because its all about creating a better experience for your audience . This is your opportunity to jump into the shoes of your target audience and guide them toward solutions to their problems. We find that most companies get re-ignited at this stage by getting behind their purpose and hone in on what makes them unique. A revamp is a great time to not only draw in new prospective clients but to reconnect with your existing customers. Make them apart of your journey through their testimonials or case studies.

Remember you only have seconds to leave a lasting impression so make it count by creating a better experience for your audience.