Why We Need to Look Outside of Financial Services to Expand Our Thinking

Today the show is graced by Dale Beaumont who is a business educator, keynote international speaker, an author, and entrepreneur. He is going to share with us some insights on three major areas of business which are marketing, mindsets, and leadership.

Click on below the image above to listen to the podcast and learn more about:

  • What it is he does in his genre of work.
  • What he has seen work this year in terms of ways to generate leads for small businesses.
  • Some strategies that have been working in social media advertising especially on Facebook.
  • Mindset that small business owners and their teams need to have in order to survive in this competitive world.
  • Some technological tools that are really impressive to use in business.
  • How important it is for small businesses to look outside of their industries and expand their thinking.
  • Some types of marketing campaigns that are surprisingly good.

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