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11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!


11 Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week!

1.  A Liquid Commodity for Diamonds with Cormac Kinney

The ability to successfully do something over and over again not only builds skills, but it also builds confidence. — Permission to Succeed

2. These 4 Stocks Are Pointing Higher

Here are four stocks that appear to be at or near a breakout point — Harry Boxer

3. The Elections and Your Portfolio

Upcoming elections combined with the ever-increasing number of media outlets have provided more platforms and more topics for political pundits and their predictions than ever previously. — Al Emid

4. Independent Options for Advisors in the $50 to $150 Million Range

A new breed of service providers has emerged, designed to cater to the needs of a growing population of advisors who have their sights set on independence. — Deborah Aronson

5. 6 Things Banks Taught Us About Building A Super Profitable Business

It seems obvious, yet somehow it isn’t.  The more you know about your customers the more business you cando with them.  Can.  Not “will do with them”….but “can”. — Tony Vider

6. Freedom From the Big Brand: Unencumbered Growth for an $800mm Team

A Conversation with Steve Schwarzbach, Founder and Managing Partner of Icon Wealth Partners — Mindy Diamond

7. Why You Should Treat Your Content Like Atoms in Financial Services

Atomisation to a financial services content marketer is the art and science of breaking down larger pieces of content (think: research report, white paper, webinar etc) into smaller, more digestible formats aka atoms. — Carden Calder

8. The Logic of Digital Change

First, we need to get rid of the word disruption. It kinda goes with disintermediation, and I’ve heard that for decades. — Chris Skinner

9. The Biggest Risk to Advisors

Advisors face a significant risk that is rarely written about or discussed in public forums and that is an alarming percentage of clients do not fully understand what their advisor does, in enough specificity to be useful to either party. — Nicholas Stuller

10. Investing in Marijuana Represents a Dynamic Opportunity

Between the growth, refining, distribution and marketing of marijuana, investors have the chance to be financially involved in a market that appears to be headed toward a wider level of acceptance, both socially and financially. — Catherine McBreen

11. Why Insured Municipal Bonds Make Sense Today

Municipal bond insurance is a guarantee from a monoline insurance company that the holder of a muni bond will receive scheduled interest and principal payments when due, even in the event of a default by its issuer. — Eric Snyder and Maria Rahni

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