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14 Equations for a Sound Financial Life


The basic math notations we learned in elementary school can be very helpful in framing the foundational building blocks for a sound financial life.

Here are my Top 14:

1.   Good behavior > Good investments

2.   Emotions < Evidence

3.   Saving/Investing = Admission to “Futureville”

4.   Not Saving/Investing = The path to financial failure

5.   Responding to market noise = What brokers want

6.   A financial plan > An investment portfolio

7.   Thinking you know more than the market = Fantasy

8.   Relying on “advice” from brokers = Dangerous

9.   Long term market history > Predictions about the future

10. Constant restlessness < Satisficing happiness (enough)

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11. Goals focused > Market focused

12. Real answers > Appealing fiction

13. More control ≠ Better outcomes

14. Good intentions < Actual actions

The entirety of financial planning is built around funding your spending in the future. Everything else is commentary. Start there. Ready for a real conversation?

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