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5 Techniques to Increase Your Work Productivity


Companies understand the importance of having fruitful employees on the clock to accomplish company goals and pursue a challenging mission. Employees who are ineffective can prove to be high costs for a business in any industry. If you desire to be a better employee that your boss adores, consider these ways to increase your productivity at work.

Limit Multitasking

If you are a notorious multitasker, it is important that you limit it to raise your productivity. The more that you attempt to focus on completing more than one thing at a time, the more likely that you are to make a mistake or to submit substandard assignments. Focusing on one task at a time unites your mental and physical efforts, and it can help you complete each task faster with greater success.

Use a Timer

If you find yourself lagging behind at work, you can learn to pace yourself again by using a timer. The more that you prioritize and complete your work with the aid of a timer, the easier that it becomes to stay focused during the day to complete company goals and objectives. A pomodoro timer is one way to factor in periods during work that you are entirely focused on a task.

After you are done with each task, be sure to take a quick break to help you stay on track the entire day. Taking breaks are helpful to rejuvenate your concentration so that you can begin your next assignment with greater vigor.

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Have an Energy-Infused Breakfast

Studies indicate that a diet that is high in protein can also improve work productivity. Inc. Magazine suggests that salmon, eggs, and other foods with omega-3 fatty acids empower your brain for work. The protein in chicken breast is also an excellent source of nutrition that gives you the energy you need to be more productive.

Protein bars, greek yogurt, and trail mix are excellent sources of protein to consume during breakfast to boost your performance. NBC News suggests that foods low on the glycemic index, such as oatmeal and whole grains, help to stabilize your blood sugar level and improve your alertness and cognitive function all day.

Maintain Positive Emotions

Many times, depressed employees fail to notice that their work performance suffers. By purposely attempting to maintain a positive attitude at work, you can naturally enhance your productivity and maintain higher spirits. Not only do negative emotions cause you to worry about issues that are unrelated to your job, but anxiety, frustration, anger, and sadness can lead you to slow down on tasks that you may normally do well. On the other hand, avoid toting the stresses from work back home at night so that you can recover well and prepare for the next day. Aim to maintain a work-life balance to continue to thrive on the clock.

Slowly Change Your Behaviors

The Harvard Business Review suggests that you must alter your behavior to make small changes that build solid habits to become more productive. Making a small change each week to improve your performance goes a long way in helping you to cultivate successful habits all year. You can also create a simple strategy to improve your work productivity, and set reasonable goals for yourself each week. The more that you continue to set goals to raise your productivity and commit to them, you will discover that you can make significant progress over time.

Being successfully able to prioritize at work can do wonders in enhancing your productivity, so be sure to consult your manager so that you are focused on the correct company priorities every day of the week. If you have developed bad habits that affect your performance, it is crucial to replace them with good habits to grow more effective in your position. As your work productivity increases, expect accolades and awards for a stunning performance.

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