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A New, Cheaper and Quicker Approach to Divorce


A New, Cheaper and Quicker Approach to Divorce

Stacy is joined by successful business woman, Lara Kisielewska. You will gain insight on a whole new, cheaper and quicker approach to divorce.

Do It Yourself (DYI) is a technique that eliminates the need to hire outside professionals, making the process extremely cost-effective. Lara met her current husband on a volunteer trip and highly recommends volunteer based travel as one of the best things you can do when you find yourself in a rut. She claims, “you may not find a husband, but you’re definitely going to break your patterns, get a new perspective and heal in some ways large and small.”

Click below the image to listen and learn in this episode, which we focus on:

  • When you should use a DIY approach (04:42)
  • Where to get a DIY guidebook (11:16)
  • Who is the DIY approach most suitable for? (12:45)
  • How does having children impact this decision? (18:34)
  • Tips and tricks when going through divorce (29:55)
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