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Financial Peace of Mind: Are We There Yet?


Financial Peace of Mind: Are We There Yet?

We all are very familiar with the ubiquitous childhood query: “Are we there yet?”

As parents, we explain to our children that the journey to our desired destination requires patience. We somehow forget this when we think about our financial future. We want to be there now.

Financial Peace of Mind

The core of our work with clients is centered around creating a framework for financial peace of mind. Money is a facilitator, not a master. Financial peace doesn’t mean just piling up money or things that money can buy. Instead, financial peace means living life as you want; creating life experiences; enjoying relationships; and for many individuals, leaving a legacy.

With few exceptions, prospective clients that contact us aren’t “there” yet. We help them navigate a course, a path that will move them in the direction of financial peace of mind. Patience and willingness to change are key to the success of this exercise.

Stay the Course

Personal economics is really simple. Every choice that you make either pushes you toward your destination or diverts you to another place. Obviously, the more diversions, the more stops that you make along the way, the longer it will take to get “there.” We help guide clients toward choices that will keep them on the path to their destination.

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Every resource is scarce, including time. In your peak earnings years, time can be an ally; in your later years, it can be an enemy. You indeed need patience, but you also need to make sure you are pointing in the right direction. Are you on the right path?

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