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What You’ll Need to Get a Job as a UX or UI Expert


The world is changing rapidly. Just a few years ago, all you needed to be in business was a storefront and an office. But in the modern digital age, companies are looking to create websites and apps that offer dynamic experiences in a creative. If you are looking to be a UI or UX expert, then you need to know the skills, tactics, and attitudes that will help you land that dream job. Here is what you will need to get a job in this field:

Get Your Resume In Great Shape

The first thing you need to do if you are hunting for a job in tech is to clean up your resume. This is the first impression that employers will have of you. If it is subpar, they might just pass it over. Even worse, you might not even make it through their filters. So be sure to include specific technologies you have worked on, as well as references that really make you stand out. When in doubt, use a certified resume writers service to help you craft the perfect pitch to a potential employer.

Study Up On Javascript

Long gone are the days where websites were simply HTML. Today, JS is used on a daily basis in nearly everything you do online. This code allows the different pieces of code on the front end to connect with databases and algorithms on the backend.

In other words, when you know JS, you can manipulate web pages to do what you want them to do, and what your clients want them to do. This is something that requires training or online courses to learn. So makes sure you have certificates or other credentials under your belt for this one.

Learn About User Flows

When using your site or app, a user will take a series of potential steps. Depending on where they click, what pages they navigate to, and what elements they activate or engage with, it will trigger different scenarios.

Knowing how to make these elements seamless and attractive is what creates a great user flow. It is not just your funnel, but also the look and feel that makes a site user-friendly.

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Keep Marketing In Mind

In every business, marketing is essential. You can have the best product in the world. However, if you do not market it and sell it correctly, then know one will either know it exists or be convinced to fork over their hard-earned cash.

As a UI/UX designer, you should be focusing on the marketing end of the equation, not just the visuals. Consider how each page helps to persuade your audience. Certain pieces of text or images might need to be placed differently depending on what the chief aim of that page is. When you can express your ability to understand marketing, your potential interviews will increase.

Listen To Other Roles And Positions

Try to get the advice of other people in the company where you are hoping to work. They often have insights that can prove to be key later on. For instance, if you might find out that the hiring manager has a favorite restaurant to meet at.

Any kind of information you can get ahead of time is worth it. Listen before you speak. You want to understand how your new role is going to affect the company and how to present yourself as a solution, not a problem.


Getting a job in tech is never easy thanks to a high supply of workers. However, when it comes to UI and UX, it can be even more complicated. As a mix of technology, art, and customer service, you need to understand the principles and the tools that are required for the job. Then, you need to sell yourself in the best way possible. That way, employers will be happy to have you on their team and you can have the position you always dreamed about.

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