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How to Plan a More Enjoyable Vacation

Next to the weather, vacation questions are in the small talk hall of fame. Each year, as summer approaches, more time is spent thinking, talking and planning for the perfect summer getaway. For most of us, the joy of some relaxation can make us all daydream. After all, most people choose to spend more time planning their vacations than their finances.

This makes sense because the greatest amount of happiness around vacations, peaks in the anticipation period. Looking forward to your travels boosts the pleasure factor positioning you for the highest return on that vacation.

With summer now in full swing, we love hearing about the tricks and tactics of how people are planning their vacations. In this episode, we’ve compiled 5 tips that highlight parallels between your vacations and your financial planning. Taking these steps will set you up for more enjoyable vacations.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The connection between compounding and habits and how your habits can produce more compounding.
  • Examples of how research matters in planning vacations and financial planning
  • Unpredictability is inevitable, so hear the great ways to plan for the unexpected.
  • Identifying goals and objectives makes for more successful vacations and financial planning.
  • How and when a professional can be helpful and actually save cost and free up time.
  • What’s the all-in-cost? Considering what you may be missing can help identify blind spots.
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