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Is Your Marriage ‘Financially’ Sound? Take This Quiz for Financial Compatibility


Is Your Marriage 'Financially' Sound? Take This Quiz for Financial Compatibility

The merging of two financial lives into one can create havoc on even the strongest of relationships and especially if money talks were never tackled beforehand.

Ideally, financial discussions should have happened long before the marriage; however, it is never too late to try to understand your partner’s feelings about money and how compatible they are with yours. 

 The following quiz can help provide some insight into you and your spouse’s financial compatibility

  1. Do you have some sort of realistic budget or a spending plan in place that you are both accountable to?
  2. Are you comfortable with your spouse’s spending habits?
  3. Do you argue over monthly bills?
  4. Do you and your spouse discuss major financial decisions before they are made?
  5. Do you and your spouse have a plan of attack in case one of you should lose your job? (I.E. Currently live off of only one income and bank the other)
  6. Do you and your spouse share in the responsibility of managing your financial affairs?
  7. Do you and your spouse regularly discuss your finances including your short and long term financial goals?
  8. Do you and your spouse share the same views towards debt and savings?
  9. Are you and your spouse both actively saving for retirement?
  10. Do you and your spouse send the same message about money to your children?

Ideally, the answers to all the above questions should be yes. 

To achieve complete financial unity may not be a realistic goal for many couples but to achieve greater financial compatibility is. However, this does require a lot of work.  Here are a few tips to help improve your financial compatibility:

  • Devote more time to financial discussions and to goal planning
  • Define what each of your financial responsibilities is
  • Start making joint decisions about how your money is to be spent

If you are finding it a challenge to have these important money discussions you may want to seek the advice of an experienced financial planner.

A financial planner can help you identify differences you may have and how you can work towards finding a happy medium, which is valuable and meaningful to you both. When there is mutual understanding about financial goals, couples most often will work together to achieve them resulting in fewer money confrontations. You can then redirect such valuable energy towards building a more positive and prosperous future together.

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