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Operations Is the Newfangled Driver of Small Business Success


Operations is the fresh, new kid on the block!

Operations is poised to (finally!) attain its rightful place in small business strategy. Automation, technology, customer needs, and the sharing economy are becoming vital components of the branding and marketing process. Sports analytics, direct internet marketing through stores like Amazon, and renewed focus on excellence, delivery, and service are a few examples of success springing from operations execution as a higher priority.

I argue that digital branding and the internet are the two most important aspects of this change. If you research anything about business today, it’s obvious that Apple, Google, and Amazon are three of the most important sales and communication vehicles. Nearly everyone uses their phone and/or laptop to research and buy products and services. However, the digital efforts in many companies are still buried in departments like systems, accounting or marketing. I argue that digital activities and marketing need a special place in organizations and should be a major part of programs.

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While this approach gets general agreement, the specifics are more complex to execute. The biggest barrier is resistance to change from traditionally-trained brand, advertising, and public relations executives. Let’s face it, many, of these people are right brain, creative and innovative people. What is needed in many cases, is more left brain, disciplined, and analytical people. For example, the strengths of Google and Amazon is mostly about their discipline and execution rather than their brilliant brand statements or logos.

Do you agree? Strongly disagree? I’d love to hear from creatives and operations employees alike! Please tell us your thoughts on this highly important marketing issue.

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