How to Get Involved in the Finances and Plan Your Divorce Without Peaking Suspicion

Join Stacy in an info-packed conversation with award-winning family and matrimony attorney, Amanda Trigg.

Based in New Jersey, Amanda brings years of experience protecting her clients and their families through the complex and challenging process of divorce.In this episode, Amanda details how women who are contemplating divorce can prepare for the possibility of divorce and find the financial information without raising their spouse’s suspicions. Among her insights:
  • Why you should never panic, but you should “just ask”. [7:20]
  • What to do when “just asking” doesn’t work - legal ways women can get information about a spouse’s finances. [14:30]
  • Understanding the grey area between “Awkward” and “Illegal”. [15:50]
  • What constitutes a reasonable expectation of privacy within the home. [27:00]
  • What is “safe”/ “legal” to look at when it comes to digital files and online information [27:47]
  • How valuable credit applications can be when searching for financial information [30:40]
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