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Is There a Price We Pay for Snarkiness?


I remember talking to friend about an aging actress and what came out of her mouth was, “She looks like a toad.” I was shocked. I couldn’t help but think how I’d feel if someone said that about me. I know she didn’t write it on social media – she said it in the company of someone who loves her no matter what – but I’m wondering if we want to start examining our own “no matter what.”

Maybe we want to think about how we show up in the world, not because what others might think or feel about about us, but because of what we might think or feel about ourselves. I believe that self-confidence comes from knowing we can count on ourselves, and that’s not just when others are looking. Can we count on ourselves to be the person we want to be in the world.

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Not like a brand thing (what do people think about you) but an integrity thing. Are your words and actions in integrity with your best self? I’m certainly not here to throw stones in my glass house, but I think it’s worth exploring. I know my best self isn’t mean.

My best self doesn’t hurt others.

My best self isn’t cruel or callous or indifferent. My best self, however aspirational she might be, is better than that. At our best, we all are.

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