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Finding Money


Finding Money

Happy Hunting

Whether it’s $5 in the laundry or $20 in your center console, finding any amount of money just feels good and there may be more out there. It’s possible (and surprisingly common) that you failed to claim money that was owed to you when you moved, changed jobs or refinanced your home. In other words, you didn’t leave an easy enough trail for your money to find you. While the government is kind enough to hold on to it for you, it’s going to make you come and get it.

Take five minutes to visit, the non-profit website that works with State Treasurers on unclaimed property issues. Once on your state’s official page, just enter your name and city in the database. Be sure to think back and check states that you’ve previously lived in, too!

Making $ense of Annualized Return

The return of an investment or portfolio, expressed as an average per-year return. For example, if an investment returned 7% in the first year, 4% in the second year and 6% in the third year, its annualized return would be 5.67%. 

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