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Tips, Tricks & Experiments to Save Money


Tips, Tricks & Experiments to Save Money

Written by: Jon Luskin

Are you looking for more ways to save money? Then read on.

We recently did financial planning for a client who makes a lot of money. I mean a lot of money. Their annual income sometimes reached seven figures a year. $1,000,000+

But, there was a problem; they spent most of the money they made. (Actually, this describes pretty much everyone.)

As their financial planners, we combed over their spending to figure out where their money was going, and to find opportunities for them to save more money. Fortunately, there were quite a few ways that they could whittle down their expenses.

I’m sharing some of these suggestions we made to them with you – because you could likely also save money in these very same areas.

Auto Lease

When it comes to saving money, some people just can’t give up their Lexus. And that might be OK – as long as you’re figuring out the best way – financially – to get into that Lexus.

This may mean it makes more sense to buy used – or even buy new – than to lease. Run the numbers to figure out if leasing a car financially makes sense for you.

Look for those models with highly-related dependability. Check out Consumer Reports for the most up-to-date information.


Do you really need new clothes? Maybe. Maybe not. Consider challenging yourself to something to you may not have done before:

Experiment to see what happens if you don’t buy new clothes for a year!


Does it cost money to have fun? I say, “No.” And I think other folks agree with me.

Experiment with a $0 entertainment budget! See how much fun you can have without spending any money:

  • go to the beach
  • go for a bike ride
  • go to the library
  • build a fort out of couch cushions
  • find a Meetup group that matches your interests.

Eating Out

It’s astonishing how much eating out can eat up your budget! Just one meal out translates to many, many meals cooked at home. If you’re not sure where to start, just look up easy recipes online.

Challenge yourself to cook all your own meals!

Uncategorized Expenses

Sometimes, money slips through our fingers. It just gets spent on who-knows-what. The solution?

Track your expenses to see where your money is going. Find out if you really need what you’re buying.


Cable Bill

If you’re a Millennial, you’ve likely never even paid a cable bill – unless you’re a huge sports fan. But even sports fans now have options for “cutting the cord” of the cable company.

Ditch cable for NetflixHulu PlusAmazon Prime & Sling. Get an over-the-air antenna to get FREE TV. You can even catch Sunday football games for free.

Home Cleaning Services

Why pay someone for something when you can do-it-yourself for free? You can even tap your household resources.

Got minors in the house? Put those kids to work! You’ll also be teaching them the value of having a clean home – and hard work. The experience of tidying up the house will prepare them for when they’re out of the nest.

Gardening Services

I enjoy gardening – and couldn’t imagine paying someone else to do it. Play in the dirt to see if being a do-it-yourself gardener is right for you.

Spend time in your own yard: get fresh air, connect with the earth – and save money!

Travel Budget

You can spend a ton of money on vacation – or just a little bit. It all depends on your flexibility and your desire to save money.


Some of these suggestions you’ve likely heard before (because they’re very good ways to save money). Other ideas may be new to you.

But, the suggestions are only half the message. The other half of the message is: Give it a shot! Experiment with new ways to save money!

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