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Marketing to Women

How to Turn Your Boring Process Into a Tiffany Box Experience


Does your process truly represent the unique value you bring to your clients? Does it reflect and reaffirm your focus and commitment to women?

Do you find yourself explaining your process rather than presenting your process?

You could be presenting your process in a way that immediately elevates interests from prospects and accelerates their commitment to do business with you.

It’s all about the packaging! Allow me to show you how to turn your boring process into a Tiffany box experience that every woman loves.

Listen as in workshop I will show you how to:

  • Create a great client experience that highlights your value as their advisor. Quickly uncover a process that intrigues and appeals to women (men too).
  • Gain more marketing traction and increase your ability to capture new business by repackaging what you already do you in a more intriguing way.
  • Stand out as an advisor who understands women and created a process women love.

This process delivers results – that women are looking for in an advisor right now- to clients, and prospect plus you’ll spend less time chasing leads and more time helping more women become engaged in their finances.

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