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Why You Need a Written Daily Game Plan


In the early days of my career, I watched top performers. I observed them and watched how they approached their day. I found out some common things they did to have a rockstar day versus just having a regular business day.

Most advisors will say their day will start at 8am or 9am, the time they get into their office. That is a mistake. Your day starts when you are conscious. The moment you wake up, that’s the start of your business day.

When you think about your day, is it going to be a tactical day or strategic day?

Tactical day meaning you are working with your business like meeting clients, doing business reviews or making touch base phone calls. While Strategic day where you put your business owner or entrepreneurial hat on to operate projects or work on the business.

Today, let’s talk about the tactical day. Watch this video to learn why you need a written game plan.

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