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Catherine Parkin

After nearly two decades in the financial services industry and a very short time at home with my young children, I decided to pursue my passion for travel in launching Catherine Parkin Travel. My honest belief is that the moments spent traveling with family or friends are some of the most vivid and beautiful memories one will make in a lifetime. Catherine Parkin Travel is a Colorado-based travel consulting business with a mission to deliver high-touch, high-value travel experiences to those who believe time is exceedingly precious. Whatever the duration or purpose of your journey, we will work with you to customize your trip and enhance both the planning and actual travel experience. Catherine Parkin Travel is an affiliate of Brownell Travel, nationally recognized as a top three travel agency by Condé Nast. This elite affiliation will provide you access to exclusive vacation packages, amenities and specials that retail travelers simply cannot access on their own. Our trusted advisor approach to designing your journeys will allow you to slow down and truly experience your travel dreams. Learn more here .