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Croft Edwards

Croft's deeply focused study of leadership and command, which earned him an MA in Civil War Studies, was a perfect prologue to his coaching of hundreds of individuals at all levels of organizations. Croft is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), who has been serving an array of clients from energy and mining, to forestry and aviation, since 2000. He has created Performance Management Process courses and accompanying one-on-one coaching sessions with over 90 leaders of the largest platinum and palladium mining company in the western hemisphere. In addition, Croft has designed and facilitated the training and coaching of an intensive 12-month course for the largest Native American Utility, allowing the organization's leaders to visualize and execute their future. His over five years on active duty in the U.S. and the Far East, and over eighteen years in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, give him a singular perspective on the many facets of walking in the boots of a leader (especially Tanker boots.) He is a sought-after keynote speaker, bringing his varied background in academics - history, business and finance - and his avid interest in the human psyche, to the topics of leadership, potential, and peak performance. Learn more here .

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