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Deneen Grant

Deneen has witnessed firsthand the impact leadership has on business outcomes.  That's why she's on a mission to equip companies with the leadership practices that drive growth and long-term success.  Progressive Leadership Group works with clients to develop a leadership and cultural strategy in support of the business strategy.

Deneen has helped hundreds of clients improve leadership team cohesion, develop leadership skills and strengthen culture. It's her goal to prepare her client companies for growth and change.   Deneen starts with “why" - bringing a unique process that aligns executive teams and boards around the company's mission, vision and values.  Deneen is a gifted facilitator, speaker, consultant and coach.

Deneen brings a depth of experience to her work, with over 20 years of HR business partnership, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness experience.  The majority of Deneen's corporate career was spent in the banking and financial services industry.  She holds certifications as a Senior Professional in HR (SPHR), and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). Learn more here .