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George Guerin

George is driven by a passion to provide comprehensive advice on a wide range of financial issues. George founded Guerin Financial Services, Ltd., in 1982. George credits his years as a paperboy and his drive to create an "empire" of paper routes with molding him into a successful businessman. After leaving that first job and graduating from high school, he moved to Colorado to attend the University of Northern Colorado , where he earned a teaching degree in English. Following three years as a high school English teacher, George obtained a real estate license and embarked on a business career, later adding insurance to his growing list of services. His experiences in these industries led him to realize that people need help in many areas of their lives—not just managing real estate transactions and procuring insurance—leading him to his focus on investment management, tax planning, estate planning, and income planning. George earned his designation as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) in 1984. For many years, he delivered financial seminars and webcasts to executives and employees of AT&T and Lucent Technologies nationwide. After more than three decades serving clients, George continues to find joy and fulfillment in counseling people and helping them solve their financial challenges. Learn more here .

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