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Kathleen McBride

Kathleen M. McBride, AIFA®, is founder of FiduciaryPath, LLC, a consulting and research firm specializing in investment fiduciary processes for investment organizations and stewards. She is an analyst with the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX), conducting CEFEX Assessments of organizations' fiduciary processes for peer-reviewed certification by CEFEX. She has been editor of the fi360 Fiduciary Standard Survey since 2011 and serves as a member of the fi360 Designations Review Committee.

Early in her career, Ms. McBride was a broker, municipal bond trader and underwriter, and later was an investment adviser specializing in municipal bond portfolios for HNW/UHNW clients. She held senior posts in interactive financial media startups at REUTERS, Prodigy, and Lipper Analytical. Prior to founding FiduciaryPath, she was Editor in Chief at Wealth Manager magazine and AdvisorOne/Wealth.com; Senior Editor at Investment Advisor magazine, and a regular columnist for CBS MarketWatch, also appearing on-air.  Learn more here .  Also visit The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard here .

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