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Steffen Maier

Steffen Maier is co-founder of Impraise , a platform for actionable, timely feedback among co-workers. He is Y Combinator alum and recognized thought leader in Human Resources innovation.

Steffen was previously working with Mercedes-Benz and realized the outdated methods of providing feedback only once a year during the annual review. He noticed that he and his team members were lacking actionable feedback to improve continuously. Today, Steffen helps companies turns the annual performance review into an easy process by enabling users to give and receive valuable feedback in real-time and continuously throughout the year. Using this method in his own team, real-time feedback comes with great benefits regarding employee engagement, learning progress and alignment.

As successfully implemented at companies like Atlassian, Flipboard or IDEO, Steffen is an expert in helping companies transition from annual appraisals to engaging 360 feedback and peer coaching. Learn more here .

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