7 Ways You Can Implement Green Initiatives At Work

Many of us are looking for ways to introduce more sustainable practices in our lives.

When we start incorporating more eco-friendly living strategies, we often neglect a key area of our lives, work. While we may have had some success at home, there are many ways that we can embrace greener practice at work to reduce our impact on the environment. Consider these strategies on how to make your workplace more environmentally friendly.

Harness Greener Energy Sources

Many of us don’t realize the important implications of using greener energy sources. While we may balk at the initial price tag associated with installation, we can save ourselves money over time. By harnessing the sun’s natural rays, we can utilize the abilities of solar battery storage to power our building even after the sun goes down. While your company may not want to fully transition to green energy sources, you will find yourself with significantly reduced bills, and that is something that everyone can get behind.

Have Waste Receptacle Alternatives

Many offices come equipped with recycling these days, but they often don’t have enough or don’t have them in key areas. Having one recycling bin in the kitchen is often not enough to support sustainable practices. Depending on the size of your office, you may need multiple sites for waste disposal. If you have the ability, hiring a company to compost your compostable waste is preferable.

Posting Education and Information is Key

While going green is a hot topic, not everyone is fully aware of how to embrace sustainability. Consider educating your employees and offering incentives to entice them to utilize greener practices. This includes posting signage around the office to remind your team how they can participate. While signs can often become wallpaper, they can also serve as useful reminders to employees who are just beginning this work. Education around environmentally friendly practices is a key first element that many companies forget.

Use Recycled Products

Many of the office products that are a part of our typical days also come in repurposed forms. Pens, folders, markers, kitchen products and more all come in materials that are recycled, and can be easily swapped within your office. These products have far less impact on the environment than brand new materials.

Rethink Your Use of Paper

You may be surprised at how little you may need paper anymore due to digital capabilities; however, you may never have embraced this due to the convenience of continuing old, outdated practices. Consider going paperless in your office wherever you can. If you can opt for fully digital, this is the best strategy for greener business processes; however, if you cannot completely remove your use of paper, consider using only recycled paper.

Encourage Reusable Items

One-time use items like cups, plates and utensils are another big area of waste for many organizations, and these items can account for a significant amount of waste. Instead of letting your garbage pile up with one-time use items, consider encouraging reusable items in your company kitchen. If you are financially able to, consider investing in company reusable dishes, cups, mugs and utensils that can be washed and placed in a drying rack to further encourage this initiative.

Power Down at the End of the Day

Encouraging your employees to shut down their computers, lights and any powered devices can be a great way to reduce the damage you cause the environment. Not only does this reduce the amount of energy that is being used overnight when there is no one in the office, but it also encourages your staff to leave at a normal hour. This emphasis on work-life balance can also be a healthier shift for teams that tend to overwork and burnout.

If we aren’t careful, our workplaces can be plagued with sustainability nightmares. It can be surprising how much green efforts can improve work environments beyond just supporting the planet, but it will take a concerted effort. If you are interested in supporting the future of your company, make sure that you also invest in the future of our planet by making greener choices. With a few adjustments, you can significantly influence your environmental impact and your future.

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