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Using Artificial Intelligence and Investor Sentiment to Improve Returns

On this week’s podcast, we are joined once again by Jamie Wise, founder of Buzz Indices, a Toronto-based hedge fund that has also created the index which powers the BUZZ US Sentiment Leaders ETF (BUZ).That index is leveraging artificial intelligence to collect social sentiment around stocks and translating that into a fund portfolio, that’s a mouthful! Jaime breaks it down for us and walks us through how using investor sentiment and not brand perception , gives insight into which companies may be best poised for longer-term stock price appreciation. We talk through the difference between sentiment versus momentum investing and why there is in practice little overlap between the BUZ ETF and most momentum ETFs.Related: Shifts in Investor Sentiment Lead to Big Pain in the Markets Given the recent dramatic moves in the market , we asked Jaime about what insight his team can share given the massive amounts of data they crunch concerning just how investors feel about stocks. His answers just may surprise you. He shares with us which sectors they’ve seen fall in and out of favor and some additional insight concerning sentiment on a few specific stocks that you won’t want to miss.Have a topic we should tackle on the podcast, email me at [email protected] And don’t forget to subscribe to the Cocktail Investing Podcast on iTunes!