Understanding the Challenges of Spousal and Child Support

In this edition of Financially Ever After , Stacy is joined by Patricia Fersch -- founding partner at Fersch Petitti LLC, a matrimonial and family law firm in New York City.Patricia’s background includes successfully completing thousands of cases involving families caught in the turmoil of Family Law conflicts, and she is particularly well-known for handling high-profile clients and resolving complicated legal issues, all involving child custody or divorce-related matters .Related: How Nyla Cut Her Losses and Unlocked Her Biggest Asset – Herself! Related: Using Divorce as a Catalyst for Personal Transformation

In this podcast, Patricia shares a number of insights and experiences, including:

  • How her professional journey took her from college dropout, to business owner, to running her own law firm, and how her hard-earned business experiences inform her interactions with clients every day. (4:51)
  • How she can quickly determine the likelihood that a spouse is hiding money. [17:20]
  • How spousal support caps work in New York, why they can be a huge deal for couples in middle income brackets, and what factors can influence a court to waive them. [19:10]
  • Why it’s vital for women to build and maintain security (eg: training, experience, social networks, money) of their own, even within their marriages. [32:48]
  • How shared child custody can be - and often is - manipulated and used to avoid paying child support. [37:50]
  • Patricia Fersch| W: http://pffamilylaw.com/ E: [email protected] Links to items mentioned in this podcast: New York State Child Support Resources http://ww2.nycourts.gov/divorce/childsupport/index.shtmlNew York State Spousal Support Resources http://ww2.nycourts.gov/divorce/MaintenanceChildSupportTools.shtml