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Credit Repair, Tax Preparation and the Racial Wealth Divide


Today’s guest is Terrie Chantel. She climbed the corporate ladder in the IT field for over a decade before turning her focus over to the side hustle she had been building along preparing tax returns and doing credit repair. She has now launched The Greenhouse Academy, which is full of how-to trainings on everything from personal and business finance to credit repair.

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Today, Terrie will share with us more about her personal credit story and how she learned about credit repair firsthand when discovering she had negative accounts in her name from childhood. She also shares with us about her emotional climb up the corporate ladder as an African American woman in the IT field and the passion that drove her to helping others with their finances.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • The negative effects of trying to look and play the part of corporate America.
  • How she got started in investments.
  • What credit repair really is and who it can help. The importance of chasing passion and not money.
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