Downsizing Life to Deploy Money in a More Intentional Way

Whitney Johnson , author of "Disrupt Yourself” and her new book “ Build an A Team ” finds out from her financial planner that her overspending is impacting her ability to tithe 10 percent and support her church. She and her family plan a self-disruption, downsizing their life so they can deploy their money in a more intentional way.

In Whitney’s story you will learn:

  • How a phone call from Whitney’s financial planner got Whitney’s attention about her finances
  • Why Whitney was not going to be able to reach her financial goals, despite a relatively high income
  • The shifts that Whitney made in terms of her spending and savings habits
  • How her ties to her church and her belief in God inspire her financial planning
  • How she spends differently as an entrepreneur compared to her previous career working on Wall Street
  • Her belief that money is meant to be a servant, not a master
  • How she uses money to support her values
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    In Whitney’s lesson you will learn:

  • Every tie you spend money you are voting on the kind of world you want
  • The importance of modeling financial spending for your children
  • In Whitney’s money tip you will learn:

  • Ways to teach kids about investing
  • How to buy fractions of a share of stock
  • Whitney recommends an app called Stockpile
  • How Whitney looks to the theories of Peter Lynch and advocates buying what you know and use and value, and to couple your investing behavior with your consumer behavior.
  • In my take you will learn:

  • How allowing your values to guide your financial life can be rewarding
  • Why disrupting your life to better align it with your financial values is something people at any income level should consider
  • How you can be pro-active in taking down barriers for your bosses, to create better odds of them giving a green light to your goals
  • How I got my bosses to allow me to work a 4-day week for years, by removing barriers and creating solutions before I approached them.