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What Everyone Is Missing About the Major Market Disruptions


This week on the Cocktail Investing podcast our resident mixologists – Chris Versace, Tematica Research’s Chief Investment Officer and Lenore Hawkins, Tematica Research’s Chief Macro Strategist – talk about major changes underfoot in the equity and bond markets as well as the major macro factors that are likely to impact investors in the months ahead.

  • We’ve seen a major change in the bond market that few are discussing, but could mean the multi-decade bond bull market has come to an end – or does it?
  • Those FANG+ stocks that were once the darlings of the growth focused equity world are now all (except one) trading below their 200-day moving average – what does that mean for the market? What does that mean for you?
  • Remember all the drama around Grexit? Well, these days you have to dig pretty deep into the papers to find any discussion on what is happening in Italy and yet the coming years could very well see Italy causing major disruptions in global markets and no one is talking about it. It’s not a disaster waiting to happen, but one that is unfolding now.
  • While volatility looks to be here to stay (yes, we share why but you have to listen to get those juicy details), our mixologists believe the market is in for more trouble in the months ahead. Despite the recent market roller coaster ride, we’re sleeping pretty soundly at night thanks as confirming signals continue to roll in, providing ongoing proof points for Tematica Research’s investing themes. Listen in to hear what we are seeing this week for Tematica’s Digital LifestyleDisruptive InnovatorsGuilty Pleasure and Safety & Security investing themes.

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