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How to Work a Room and Build Relationships


How to Work a Room and Build Relationships

Written by: Scott Sillari

You’ll learn how Susan RoAne teaches Financial Advisors how to work a room and build relationships.

Also, Susan will go through the difference of connecting with people compared to networking with people. She explains how to self-introduce in less than 10 seconds and what you need to do to prepare yourself for an event. Susan also explains the 3 aspects to a conversation and how to bring the value to build a new relationship.

She also explains the importance of knowing what is going on in the world to build a conversation and be relatable. Susan also jumps into great questions about how to get to the personal side of the relationship. Susan talks about how to borrow other people’s stories and lives to relate personally with more people.

Click below the image to listen to the podcast to learn more about:

  • How to be social, connect and mingle within a social networking environment
  • What is the difference between socializing and networking
  • How to prepare to work a room, what steps you take
  • The 3 points to introducing yourself to new people within 7-9 seconds
  • Learn the 3 aspects of a conversation (observations, reveal about yourself, ask questions)
  • The importance of being informed to relate to others
  • Why you need to treat people like people no matter their wealth class is
  • What is the 20% other than just showing up at an event?
  • How to be dynamic by borrowing people’s stories.
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