Lithium Ion Batteries: the Enabler of the Digital Lifestyle

On this week’s podcast, Tematica’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Versace, is talking about one of the key enablers for mobility as part of our Digital Lifestyle investing theme – lithium ion batteries. That power technology is utilized in a wide array of consumer electronics, electric vehicles, power tools and energy storage applications, and is expected to reach $93.1 billion in size by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of roughly 17%.Related: What the Coming 5G Technology Means for All of Us Joining the conversation is Bill Davidson, a long-time friend of Chris’ and the Chief Operating Officer of AMIONX, a safe battery technology company whose technology prevents batteries from being the source of explosion or fire without sacrificing the performance of the battery. Bill brings some context and perspective to the conversation, including the industry’s growth drivers, potential hiccups and the importance of improving the safety of lithium ion battery technology lest we encounter another issue like the one we saw last year with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall. Resources for this podcast:

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