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Today’s guest is Jeneba Tarmoh. She is a track and field sprinter that has found success in college as an All-American and professionally including a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. But, more importantly to Jeneba, is her great personality, her love for God and love for her family.

Today Jeneba will share with us more about her experience as a professional athlete including her road to get there. She shares with us what she’s doing to prepare for the end of her sports career even though it isn’t here yet.

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In This Episode We Discuss: The two retirements of professional athletes and how to prepare for both. Why there is a lack of transparency around finances in the world of Track and Field and what needs to happen to change that for future athletes. Why she incorporated herself when she went pro and how that impacted her finances and the way she handled her money. The strategy that she has used since the start to assure she will have the money that she needs when she needs it.

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