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The $3 Comeback With VA Queen Bee Kayla Sloan

After an early divorce set Kayla Sloan on an emotional spending binge and into debt, she discovered she could help herself, by working behind the scenes helping a growing market of entrepreneurs- and then becoming one herself.

Click below the image to as in Kayla’s money story you will learn:

  • How her marriage, at age 19, had on her financial behavior
  • The way Kayla’s desire to spend, contrasted with her husband’s push to save money, and the conflicts that resulted from those differences.
  • Kayla’s emotional spending after the marriage ended after less than a year
  • How Kayla managed the cash flow challenges once she was divorced
  • The moment she realized she had hit rock bottom, with $10,000 in credit card debt and just $3 in her banking account
  • How her total debt moved into six figures by age 21
  • The solution she found, that has morphed into a successful entrepreneurial venture
  • What virtual assistants do, and how entrepreneurs can tap into that resource
  • In Kayla’s lesson you will learn:

  • How simply filling up her time with an exciting new venture was enough of a distraction to stop the emotional spending
  • How Kayla came up with specific ideas for slashing her debt, and what were the most effective techniques
  • Why Kayla also prioritized increasing her income, so she would still be able to enjoy responsible spending

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    In Kayla’s money tip you will learn:

  • Why you should not save your fancy stuff (if you have it) for special occasions
  • How she made the most of all the fancy wedding presents she did not use during her marriage, including appliances
  • How to avoid buying new things, when you already have things in your home that can get the job done, even if they are not what is conventionally expected
  • How to tell if you need a virtual assistant, and how to get yourself ready to onboard a VA.
  • In My Take you will learn:

  • How to learn the value of your time, and decide if you should outsource aspects of your business
  • Where to get fancy stuff to use if you did not get it as a gift for a wedding or special occassion like Kayla .