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The 7 Dynamic Digital Prospect Techniques


The 7 Dynamic Digital Prospect Techniques

Welcome to the first installment of the 7 Dynamic Digital Prospect Techniques with Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe. These techniques are 7 tried and true methods Matt and Kirk want to share with you to help you grow your prace. In their first segment, Mattand Kirk discuss the value of increasing your LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn can be an incredible marketing tool for advisor if used effectively. It’s important to understand the value of creating conversations and gaining influence in your network to build momentum.

With time and diligence you can generate enough interest for people to reach out to you in search of your expertise. Creating this kind of online community is one of the many ways to create a dynamic digitial presence and strong customer relationships. 

Click below the image to tune in to find out how you can use LinkedIn to reach your audience!

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