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The Fed, GDP and the Consumer With Bankrate’s Mark Hamrick


The Fed, GDP and the Consumer With Bankrate’s Mark Hamrick

With trade and tariffs once again making headlines ahead of the G7 meeting and next week’s US-North Korea summit, as well as the Fed’s upcoming June FOMC meeting, on this week’s podcast Tematica’s mixologists talk with Mark Hamrick, Washington Bureau Chief, Senior Economic Analyst at and President of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW).

While we learn about Mark’s background and eventually that his preferred cocktail is a Manhattan (with rye), Lenore and Chris first talk with him about the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell and then segue onto Mark’s view of the economy and his expectations around interest rate hikes in coming year. Tematica’s Cash-Strapped Consumer investing theme was reinforced by several of the data points that Mark shares, as well as what will likely play out if the Fed does indeed boost rates as expected.

During the conversation, the topic of financial literacy was discussed and there’s no sugar coating it, the vast majority of folks in the US are financially illiterate. That’s part of Bankrate’s mission – to help boost their financial education. We here at Tematica applaud that effort and we enjoy all the data and survey findings published by Bankrate as well.

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Join us for a revealing discussion on what most miss if they only focus on the headlines as the underlying data sometimes can directly contradict the prevailing narrative of the day. This disconnect is a danger for investors that can be turned into an opportunity for those who dig a bit deeper. Listen in to hear how and why.

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