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The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement


The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement

Human beings aren’t equipped with unlimited battery backs. The growth of our businesses goes hand-in-hand with our personal wellbeing. How does personal vision fit into business vision? How do you build a business that supports the life you want for yourself? Why is audacity necessary in achievement and action?

On this podcast episode above, author, speaker and coach talks about her book The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement and gives insight on the principles she wrote about.

To pursue absolute engagement is to be intentional about structuring your business in a way that supports meaningful growth. – Julie Littlechild

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. The 3 areas that are important in engagement are working with the right clients, doing the right work and playing the right role on the team.  
  2. It’s good to start with a big vision, but you have to unpack it and really understand what that means in a practical sense.
  3. Audacity is the bridge between personal and business vision, it inspires action.

At the start of the show, Julie gave an overview of the 5 key parts of her book, then she went into detail about vision and why it’s so important. “If we’re going to create something significant and meaningful, we want to make sure we have the vision as much as we have the goal.” Next, she shared on how she approached the research in her book, and the importance of working with the right clients, doing the right work and playing the right role on the team. Towards the end of the show, we talked about audacity, alignment and making sleep a priority. 

Julie also shared insights on:

  • What causes drift from vision and goals
  • What it means to pursue absolute engagement
  • The connection between your life and your business
  • The importance of creating environments that allow us to succeed
  • Why self-editing is the enemy of awareness
  • Client engagement and the co-creation of value
  • Masterminds and the value of being with like minded people

Absolute engagement is about your business, your life and the connection between the two. It’s about finding that intersection between growth and wellbeing, getting into alignment, and having the audacity to take action towards your vision. It’s possible to create the life you want, but that endeavor starts with vision.

Ask yourself what extraordinary looks like, and what might be possible if you intentionally designed the business you really want to have. Hold the filter of engagement up to your business, accept what you need to do differently and confidently put energy towards change.

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