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The Ultimate Financial Comeback Story From Financial Ruin


The Ultimate Financial Comeback Story From Financial Ruin

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This week we sit down with former-NFL player Marques Ogden. After his career in professional sports, Marques experienced fast success and failure within the construction industry. After working his way up out of an unexpected bankruptcy, he now shares his story with others, holds leadership academies, and is in the process of expanding his personal brand to a larger platform. He has the ultimate comeback story. In this episode, we walk through Marques early days what it was like being the younger brother of an NFL star and how he found his own identity. Thought Marques ran into some difficulties, he is by no means the stereotypical athlete-gone-broke. He shares what it was like running a construction company and what brought it to its demise.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: The whirlwind experience of being drafted in the NFL and how finances work for drafted players. How he kept his finances straight from before ever becoming an NFL player. How he went from owning a multimillion dollar company to bankruptcy in just 90 days. Why it’s so important to share your story.

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