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The What and Why of Self-Driving Cars With Audi


The What and Why of Self-Driving Cars With Audi

This week, Chief Investment Officer Chris Versace is joined by Tematica’s “Man Behind the Curtain” Chris Broussard in a very special conversation with Brad Stertz, Director of Government Affairs at Audi.

Our in-depth conversations with Brad puts some context and understanding around the issues and developments surrounding the self-driving car market as well as the far-reaching impact this revolution will have beyond just the automotive sector. Audi is at the center of Volkswagen’s expertise for autonomous cars, an area it’s been focused on for more than a decade, and Brad has been there for most of it.

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This Cocktail Investing podcast episode is another one of those conversations that takes you behind the scenes and puts you in the know on a topic that is filling headlines on a daily basis, with wide implications for a number of industries and investment themes.

We discuss the evolution of autonomous vehicles, including several obvious and not so obvious tailwinds behind the evolution of this technology from dream to reality. Even we were somewhat surprised at the number of implications across several of our investment themes, including the Aging of the Population and Disruptive Technologies themes, but also Asset-Lite Business Models, the Cash-Strapped Consumer, Safety & Security and of course, the Connected Society  as the impact on car ownership and usage, fleet management, delivery services and logistics is felt, as well as urban planning and the electric grid are forced to adapt.

Click below the image to listen and learn more as we also discuss several potential roadblocks, including state and local governments and interestingly enough privacy concerns over all the data that an autonomous vehicle will generate.

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