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What Brexit and the Ongoing Problems in the European Union Mean For Investors


The headlines and the markets have been heavily focused this week on the rising risk that the United Kingdom will exit the European Union without any agreement.

Prime Minister Theresa May just barely managed to hold onto her job after a vote of no confidence but has been politically battered, much like Germany’s Angela Merkel, not to mention French President Macron’s horrific weekend during which Paris dealt with violent and destructive riots protesting against his government. European leadership is increasingly weak which is not good for markets.

This week Lenore Hawkins, Chief Macro Strategist for Tematica Research speaks with Marco Caneva on how Brexit affects the economy of the UK and the European Union in ways in which many not realize, creating major headwinds to both economies and exacerbating the Middle Class Squeeze, one of Tematica Research’s investing themes. They also discuss how the European Central Bank’s zero and negative interest rate policies (ZIRP and NIRP) have affect investors, businesses and the economy.

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Marco was born and raised in Italy, was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs in London for over a decade and then served as the Chief Investment Officer for one of Italy’s wealthiest families. He now specializes in debt restructuring and private equity placement in Europe, focusing on complex situations. His work has given him a front row seat to the impact of Brexit, European Central Bank policies and the challenges facing the European economy that investors need to understand. Marco and Lenore’s discussion will give investors insight into what is happening and why it is happening in the European Union and what it means today and in the future for investors.

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