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What the Coming 5G Technology Means for All of Us


On this week’s episode of Cocktail Investing we are digging deep into the podcast archives. While some may think it’s because we’re entering one of the slowest times of the year, the reality is mobile infrastructure company Nokia just inked the largest known 5G contract with T-Mobile, which in our view means 5G is poised to become a reality over the coming quarters. That access technology will not only improve mobile data speeds and network capacity, but it will also give rise to a number of new disruptions across the Connected Home, Connected Car and the Internet of Things.

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A great primer conversation was had a while back with James Nolan, who was then Executive Vice President, Research and Development at InterDigital (IDCC) and is now Executive Vice President, IoT Solutions. We’re looking to get Jim back on the podcast for a fresh look at the IoT in the coming weeks but thought the Nokia and 5G news this was a great excuse to revisit this great conversation. Enjoy!

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