What's Behind the Newest Revolution in Coffee

While many are focused on the escalating trade tariffs between the US and China, let’s remember the eurozone and Canada are poised to implement tariffs as well. Included among Canada’s list of affected products is coffee… yes that all important, lifeblood beverage for team Tematica and millions of others. As the World Economic Forum recently pointed out some two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, and we’re more than thrilled to learn that three to four cups per day, which is considered moderate, is likely to do more benefit than harm to our health . Good news for the lifespans of team Tematica!

Yet, we are seeing declining same-store volumes at Starbucks (SBUX), the company that reinvented the coffee experience, but also a new wave of coffee beverages, including one Tematica’s Chief Investment Officer, Chris Versace, stumbled upon while in San Antonio a few weeks back – Elixir Specialty Coffee . With a tagline of “Looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee, and unlike anything you’ve tasted before” team Tematica had to investigate. The team can confirm it truly is utterly delicious and unlike anything they’ve ever had before.

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That led to today’s special guest on the podcast, Lee Safar, founder of Elixir Specialty Coffee. During the podcast, Lenore Hawkins, Tematica’s Chief Macro Strategist, and Chris talk with Lee about the coffee market, how it is moving into its third wave, and while Starbucks has been successful, it’s the artisan coffee market that will be the next driver. We see companies like Elixir returning the coffee market back to its Affordable Luxury and Guilty Pleasure thematic status as the allure and luster of what was Starbucks a few years ago is now an everyday item. Unlike other companies that are going for the hockey stick growth curve, Elixir is taking a more long-term strategic approach, but Lee does share the next step in the company’s journey and all we can say is look out corporate coffee subscription services.

As an added bonus, Lee is giving Cocktail Investing listeners an opportunity to try the company’s new monthly corporate coffee subscription program with a one-time, 10% discount – all you need do is use the discount count “Tematica” at check out .

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